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“Hi, Heidi- I just wanted to send a special thank you for 2 exciting things that happened last week. First, a workman was here working on the house, and had to check online to see if we can order a part… so I had to come into the office with him and check the computer. It was SO wonderful to come in to a clean desk, and neat office space, and look up what he needed without feeling embarrassed!!

Second- I was trying to quickly sew the November curtain for the kitchen before my children and granddaughters arrived for 2 months, and again, it made such a difference to have that space cleared and ready in the craft room. I could just sit down and whip out that curtain without having to maneuver around a mess. Now every time I look out the window in the kitchen, I smile!”

Beth Miller, Aurora, CO

“I recently hired Heidi to organize my home office that had become an unorganized mess to try and work in. In one day, she was able to not only organize my office, but also rearrange it so that the feel of the office was completely different. I am now much more organized than I have ever been and I actually enjoy being in my office for the first time in over five years! Within a month of Heidi’s organizing help, my profits are already trending up due to my new found time efficiency! Thanks Heidi!!!”

John Brokken, Rapid Housing Solutions, Englewood, CO

“Well Master Corporation contracted Anchor’s Away Organizers to assist us with our organizational needs following a corporate office move in June of 2011. Our business is growing rapidly and we needed help to get things in order during that busy time.  Heidi looked after a lot of small details and helped us get the office in shape. We also asked her to help with getting marketing materials organized and a re-order process in place which she looked after. In addition, Heidi helped get our trade show plans sorted out and made all of the arrangements for one of our most important events last November.  She took steps for us with respect to our 2012 trade show plan, looking after registration and preliminary details as required. At the completion of her contract, Heidi left us with a summary of all of the marketing events and key dates that made it easy for us to continue on our own.”

David Green, P. Engineer, Golden, CO

“Anchors Away Organizers – My life saver.  I was moved by the worst moving company on the planet – they were two days late past the end of their contract, my goods arrived wet, damaged and frozen together AND I had my little human with me.  I knew I needed help dealing with the movers, unpacking and setting things up all while trying to take care of and entertain my little man. So I stumbled upon professional organizer Heidi at Anchors Away Organizers.  Quite simply . . . she is awesome.  She helped direct the movers, was a witness to all of their damage and (most importantly) was able to unpack and completely set up my kitchen all before they left.  As a mom, this is the second most important room of the house and I certainly couldn’t have done it without her.  I highly, highly recommend her services.”

Kimberly Salim, Denver, CO

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