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My key elements for clutter are
Space, Energy, and Consciousness 



Moms Looking for Community and Connection

This circle of like-minded moms was created when I came to the realization of how much moms like me were craving community and a deeper connection with other moms. Always striving to be the best parents we can in this crazy world we currently find ourselves in, knowing someone has your back is a crucial feeling.

My natural gift is being a connector. So that is what I set out to do with the Consciously Connected Moms Circle. Having a safe and supportive environment is how I help clients to organize their lives, and the same goes with organizing our minds.

This circle provides a safe environment for moms to be open and vulnerable, sharing their experiences, and learning from one another. A judgement-free space to feel comfortable sharing while seeking guidance when needed.

As the creator of this circle, I am dedicated to encouraging moms to be present and open-minded to exploring different ideas, feelings, and resources. Looking within ourselves is the key to being the amazing role models we are for our children and families.

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For The Overwhelmed Mom
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Chaos to Calm is a membership program designed to support busy moms who may not have extensive amounts of time to dedicate to organizing projects.

Instead of focusing on large, time-consuming tasks, these programs emphasize breaking down tasks into smaller, manageable chunks.

This approach allows members to make progress, identify their strengths and address any challenges they may have in clearing physical and emotional clutter.

The categories we complete together as a community are:

Less Mess! - physical clutter in your living and workspaces.

Paper Piles and Files - clear your desk and countertops, knowing where to quickly find what you need, when you need it.

Digital De-Stress from emails, apps, and digital files

Time Transformation – navigating grounded tools for time management with your emotional relationship to time.

Emotional Elements – guilt and shame can be a big part of what we keep and how we choose to use our time. Dive into boundaries and relationships with time, money, and power to maintain success when decluttering your life.

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Your Chaos To Calm Membership Programs


Tier 1

Weekly action steps to overcome clutter with the 5 steps to clear clutter and discover clarity

Accountability support in private group chat

Weekly win celebrations in private group chat

2 group coaching calls per month

1 Quarterly 1:1 90-minute coaching call

($396 value)

Membership to Consciously Connected Moms Circle

1 in-person and 1 virtual monthly gathering OR 2 virtual gatherings

Smooth Sailing

Tier 2

Sound Waters

Tier 3





Heidi’s 3 key elements for looking at clutter are Space, Energy, and Consciousness. Clutter can be in our mind, body, and soul. Unpack how you relate to all types of clutter and discover solutions that are the right fit for you.

Having Heidi’s 3 elements for clutter helps clients to better understand why it’s there and tackle the overwhelm of clearing things out. Here’s how we approach each element together:

1. Space: We start by evaluating the physical space around you. Identify areas that are a stress point for you. Then I ask a lot of questions relating to how the space is used and what you envision your space to look like.

2. Energy: Clutter has a huge impact on your energy. When our environment is cluttered, it can create a sense of overwhelm and drain physical and emotional energy. Cluttered spaces also make it difficult to focus and be productive. Heidi guides clients through decluttering by teaching proper tools, systems and techniques fit for the individual person to maintain an organized space. Together we create a more peaceful and energizing environment that supports your overall well-being.

3. Consciousness: This element refers to the awareness and mindfulness we bring to our space and belongings. Being conscious about what we possess, why we keep certain items, and the emotions we associate with them, helps set us up to prevent clutter from accumulating in the first place. It involves being intentional about what we bring into our space and regularly evaluating if those items still align with our needs and values. Practicing conscious consumption and thoughtful decision making when it comes to acquiring and letting go of possessions can significantly reduce physical and emotional clutter.

Using these 3 key elements, you can approach clutter from a holistic perspective. Addressing physical and emotional clutter leads to more harmonious living and workspaces.

Explore Your Clutter Index

Clutter Evaluation: Ho Do You Measure Up?

Journey through the 5 steps to Clear Clutter and Discover Clarity

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"Being involved with Consciously Connected Moms over the last eight months has been one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had as a mom to an 8-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter. I’ve loved having the opportunity to make new friends with like-minded women and create deeper friendships with women I already know. Initially, I was drawn to this group as a place that provided intentional time to discuss motherhood and self-evolution and growth separate from, although so related to motherhood. This group provided me with that and so much more. Heidi is a wealth of information and a wealth of different topics related to parenting, mental health, relationships, organization, networking, spirituality and more. She is so resourceful, and I am so grateful for her and for the other moms I have met on this journey. I truly feel like a consciously connected mom with these incredible women!"

Catherine Barnes, CO



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